Individualized Coaching FAQ


What is it?

We specialize in helping people change their bodies.  Inside and out; in front of the mirror, in everyday life and on the playing field, we help individuals transform and optimize their wellness, body composition and performance.

We do this by providing fully supported, fully customized, one-on-one, online-based, exercise, nutrition and supplement program design and coaching.

In terms of deliverables, this means that our clients receive

  • Comprehensive custom-made exercise plans that take into account the client’s unique wants, needs, abilities & limitations.
  • Similarly comprehensive meal plans and nutritional support.
  • Supplement options tailored to support the meal plan(s) and general needs, etc.
  • Weekly comprehensive update “appointments”
  • Support, feedback, and troubleshooting.

How much is it?

The current rate is $350 USD per month and is payable on a recurring basis via PayPal email invoices.

If we bring you on as a client, because we screen for compatibility, barring some unforeseen issue or some specific circumstance, we expect you to be with us for at least 4 months.  That doesn’t, however, mean that you can expect to reach your goals within 4 months.  It just means that we need you to be committed enough to allocate at least 4 months to the service.


(1) The rate you sign up at will be your lifetime locked-in rate so even if our fees go up, your fees will remain unchanged.

(2) Most often, billings are tied to program designs.  Because most designs last 4 weeks and because you’ll likely have “off” weeks or “away” weeks, it roughly works out to a monthly billing cycle.  However, with the exception of any terms clearly agreed to ahead of time, you won’t be billed more frequently than 4 weeks.  So if we deem your plan should only last 2 – 3 weeks, you’ll be billed at no more often than an interval of 4 weeks.

(3) If after a couple months it seems clear that you’re able, willing and want to stay on for 6+ more months and would like to pay for it in advance, we can likely accommodate that along with a  lump sum discount.

Who is it for?

In terms of goals, we work with a diverse array of individuals. From regular folk of all types to athletes of just about every sport, we’ve managed to help facilitate achievements and transformations of tremendous variety.

Most often, when we work with everyday folk, we do so as their primary coach to help bring about improvements in body comp, wellness and performance.  This includes “weekend warriors” and individuals recreationally pursuing improvements in sport performance.

When we work with mid and top level athletes, it’s most often as a secondary coach (though there are exceptions).  That is, we look after supplementary strength, conditioning, wellness, body comp and nutrition while the primary team or sport coach looks after, and works with us to bring about, sport-specific training / achievements.

Overall, because of the distance based nature of the service, irrespective of what the goals may be, the service is for individuals that need, want and will embrace direction.  You have to be self-motivated since we can’t be there with you but you also have to be comfortable handing over the controls.

Along those same lines, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort to communicate with us.  We need to know what’s happening on your end. You provide us with direct and indirect feedback and we provide you with direction.  The combination produces results.

Beyond these requirements, it comes down a whole host of other influencing factors that we delve into with our application questionnaire.

How often are plans changed?

Exercise: Most often, plans run on a 4-week system.  When needed, we’ll revise plans more or less often but most people are most successful when they’re given plans that run for 4 weeks (keep in mind that more often than not there will be intra-plan progressions – week-to-week set-rep manipulations, for instance).

Nutrition: Meal plans are changed when needed.  This need may be due to goals, progress, scheduling, incompatibility, etc.  More often than not, because the meal plans we provide offer a great deal of flexibility and variety, once we find a structure that works, it’ll remain unchanged for long periods of time (small manipulations, aside).

Supplements: Very much the same as meal plans.  We’ll occasionally suggest speciality supplements, that are to be run for short periods of time but otherwise, we like to find a base plan that works for you and stick to it (e.g. protein powder, greens, fish oil, and amino acids)

Are the plans cookie-cutter?

No.  All plans are made from scratch and are tailored to you and your needs.  This isn’t to say that someone else won’t be given something similar but it is to say that if they do, it’ll be because they have similar goals, needs, limitations, etc.  And it’s to say that, unless they happen to be your twin and have the same schedule and demands, they won’t receive the exact same plan.

So using the tailoring analogy, you may require the same fabric and cut as another and we may go about sewing things up the same general way but the finished product will be made for you and you only.

How specific are the plans?

Exercise:  These are very specific.  Training days, exercise selection & order, sets, reps, rest, execution notes, etc are all explicitly detailed.

Nutrition:  Although tailored to the client, whenever possible, we try to provide types of similar foods to choose from instead of specific items.  So rather than specifying 100g of sirloin cut beef, we’ll state 100g of lean meat and, unless specified otherwise, that lean meat can be beef, chicken, seafood, pork, game meat etc, etc. – whatever you prefer.

Along those same lines, although we encourage the use of resources such as Gourmet Nutrition and other healthy guides, we generally don’t outline specific recipes.  We provide meal ingredients that you can combine, spice up and prepare your foods anyway you see fit.

All in all, after a short comfort curve, we’ve found that clients do best with this flexibility, both in terms of compliance and med-long term progress.  Moreover, it opens up a near infinite number of food combos and meals.

Supplements:  We’re specific where we need to be and more general when we can be to allow for our client’s personal purchasing preference. We try to provide you with single-ingredient supplement options vs. combo products.  So, for instance, most often we’ll specify 10g BCAA, 10g glutamine and 5g creatine vs. recommending 4.75 scoops of Super Duper Swole’s XYZ.  In the long run, this ingredient-based approach can be tailored much more readily, is less expensive and more reliable.

What are the comprehensive update appointments?

Clients submit weekly updates comprised of ~30 questions.  This is in addition to any email correspondence throughout the week.  Every other week, along with the weekly update form, we require photos and body comp info (skinfolds and girths).

Are phone consults, video conferences, or in-person meetings part of the service?

All correspondence is email based with an average reply time within 24 – 48 hours.  This allows for fully considered and measured questions, comments and replies.

Do we have contact with other clients or access to forum-based support groups?

Not directly facilitated by Body Transformation Inc., no.  All correspondence is one-on-one, coach-client via email.

If you choose to post web-logs / journals, interact with other clients, or detail your experience publicly, we ask that you keep any discussion of your plan limited to a general overview.

Are you going to teach me how to design plans?

Not directly.  The service is that of a coach-client relationship and not that of a teacher-student rapport.  That said, in providing you with the info required for you to get the most out of your plans and helping you troubleshoot, over time, you should pick up a great deal as a secondary benefit.

Does it matter where I live?

No. Over the years we’ve successfully worked with clients on every continent (other than Antarctica).

If you have access to an internet connection, resistance training equipment, and quality foods (meats, produce, etc) we can most likely design a plan fit for you and your needs.

I haven’t worked out in X amount of time but I used to.  Does this pose a problem?

As long as you meet requirements stated above, it likely isn’t a problem but we’ll let you know after checking out your client application.

I’m currently working with a personal trainer; can I continue to do so?

So long as the trainer is on-board and willing to take you through our designs, you can.  In fact, we highly encourage in-person support and guidance in addition to our service (personal trainer, training partner, etc).

I compete in <insert your sport>; is the service appropriate for me?

This is something we handle on an individual and sport specific basis.  Once you fill out and submit the application, we’ll better know whether we can meet your needs.

I’m routinely on the road for work.  Will this be a problem?

It may be an issue insofar as how well you’ll be to stick to a specific plan but it doesn’t outright preclude you from benefiting from the service.  Once you fill out and submit the application, we’ll better know whether we can meet your needs.

I have a current injury / condition / debilitation, can you help me?

First and foremost, you should be seeking in-person medical and therapeutic treatment.  Once that’s underway, if you and your physician believe you can follow a distance based plan, contact us and we’ll be better able to let you know.

I have a health condition.  Can you help me?

It’s dependent on medical clearance and, if applicable, supervision.  We offer a coaching and support service; we’re not doctors or medical professionals and thus cannot and do not diagnose, treat, counsel or cure medical conditions.

In addition , whether or not our service is appropriate will be dependent on the whole of your application info. 

What is your policy with respect to refunds?

Our policy is to review refund requests on a situation by situation basis.  Putting that into perspective in all the years and the hundred+ clients we’ve worked with, we’ve issued exactly 4 refunds.  Two were for compassionate reasons and two were because we let the client go.  Since instituting our client application process 2 years ago, there hasn’t been a single refund request.

Our general stance, if a request should be made, is that if the service isn’t right for you and we’ve made the mistake of bringing you onto the roster, we’re responsible.  Furthermore, if we’ve failed to live up to the highest standard of support or design, we’re responsible.

  • client quotes with bubble

  • “I’m enjoying food, I’m enjoying exercise and I’m enjoying my body for the first time in my life!”

    Christine Z.

  • “I’m stronger, fitter and in better physical shape than I have been in 20 years. Working out is fun again.”

    Patrick F.

  • “I’m sleeping better, my skin is clearer and legs are leaner”

    Emily C.

  • “I’ve lost 5 inches in as many weeks. If this keeps up, I’m going to have to replace all of my clothes”

    Johnathan G.

  • “I look better, I feel better and it’s paying off both in my relationships & my productivity”

    Jennifer S.

  • “[My] waist is down while arms, chest & sex life are up!”

    Craig H.

Client Spotlight

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Client Comments

I can't believe that I've been so lucky to have been coached by one of the best in the field.


~ John C. F.

I remain impressed with how closely you work with me, how you take me seriously, and how you are unmoving in what is the right thing to do.

~ Kent E.

I know you said that I've thanked you enough but I truly don't think that's possible. I now have the confidence to do something I've always wanted and you have supported me every step along the way. Words can't describe how thankful I am.

~ Lauren A.

I was able to go in to this competition with my best physique to date and because of that, came home with the winning hardware. You are truly an amazing coach!!!

~ Peggy R.

Carter, I couldn't have made this progress without you. You have taken my body and my workouts to a different level. Thanks!

~ Michele S