Born and developed under the Precision Nutrition / Science Link banner, Body Transformation is a coaching, education and solutions firm specializing in individual body transformations.

Heading the firm is Carter Schoffer, the man behind hundreds of Precision Nutrition one-on-one coaching transformations and a countless number more Precision Nutrition Community member transformations.

John Berardi and the rest of the Precision Nutrition brain trust serve in an advisory capacity, further solidifying Body Transformation’s position as a world leader in the field.


When we established our fully supported service nearly a decade ago to meet a burgeoning worldwide demand, we were one of if not the very first to specialize in distance based one-on-one comprehensive coaching. Today, we continue to lead the field by concentrating our focus on that specialty area of support. 


This isn’t something we do in our spare time as an adjunct service.  Distance based coaching is what we specialize in and we’ve done so for a long time now.


~ Carter Schoffer

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Client Spotlight

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Client Comments

I can't believe that I've been so lucky to have been coached by one of the best in the field.


~ John C. F.

I remain impressed with how closely you work with me, how you take me seriously, and how you are unmoving in what is the right thing to do.

~ Kent E.

I know you said that I've thanked you enough but I truly don't think that's possible. I now have the confidence to do something I've always wanted and you have supported me every step along the way. Words can't describe how thankful I am.

~ Lauren A.

I was able to go in to this competition with my best physique to date and because of that, came home with the winning hardware. You are truly an amazing coach!!!

~ Peggy R.

Carter, I couldn't have made this progress without you. You have taken my body and my workouts to a different level. Thanks!

~ Michele S